Unity Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony or Wedding Sand Ceremony is similar to the Unity Candle Ceremony which symbolizes the meaningful joining of two lives. It involves two containers of sand of different colors, one representing the life of the Bride and the other representing the life of the Groom. Both Bride and Groom hold their respective containers and together, pour the sand into a third container, which they later use as a keepsake to proudly display in their home as a reminder of their special day. As they pour their respective sands into a single container, it symbolizes their becoming 'one'. If you would like to include children or other family members in the sand ceremony simply choose more colors.

Sample reading:Today (n) and (n) will seal their commitment in the form of a sand ceremony . The sand represents their personality, their thoughts and their dreams before their wedding day. As they pour the individual colors of sand into the vase it creates a unique pattern that can never be duplicated. Before us we have a beautiful collage and their lives are blended as one.

Sample reading 2(with others): (n) and (n) along with members of their family will perform a Sand Ceremony. As you can see we have ____ different colors of sand representing members of their families.

Representing the Groom's family we have ___________________ and (he/she) will pour to show their love and support.

Representing the Bride's family we have ___________________ and (he/she) will pour to show their love and support.

Representing relatives who could not be with us today is ____________ and (he/she) will pour as a reminder of that they are in our hearts.

Sample reading 3 (with children) : (n) and (n) along with their children will now perform a sand ceremony. Before today they were separate families and now they will symbolize their union as one family by blending their sand in a unique pattern that will serve as a reminder of the love they share today.